Security Guard Training 


Security Guard Training

The security industry is growing. Demand for guards is high and each year more and more positions are available despite the slow economy. The first step to becoming a security officer is to get educated in the field and to make sure that you meet all of the requirements to get a security guard license.

  This site is the home of security so they can have their say, let each other know what is happening in the real worlplace, let everbody know the good an bad companies to work for. Tell stories about your experiences. You don’t have to be a security guard to join this network, just have an interest and let us know about any contact your have had with security guards both good and bad.

The rules governing the security profession vary from state to state. The very first thing you should do is contact the agency in your state that regulates security training and licensing requirements. In some states the application process is fairly simple, while in others, it can be a little more challenging. In most states and territories you will be required to pass a background check. This means having a clean criminal record for ten years and maintaining a clean criminal record to keep your security licence, If you have a criminal convictin with in ten years you will not receive a security licence.

This site will provide information on security training, job board, relevant security information links and recent news and posts on the security industry.

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Read the information in the unarmed security and crowd control sections and you will find important basic information on security guard training.

Security Guard bookshop will provide books that you can purchase for further reading with a view to advance your career, remember it is easy to get your security licence but you will need to gain more information for to become a leader in the industry.